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Character Related:




1. The name in pjs, clans and alliances should not be offensive or racist. Nor is it possible names similar to those of staff members. This is considered misdemeanor.



2. Identidaad Counterfeiting not allowed. This is considered misdemeanor. If identity theft is a member of staff, is considered very serious.

3. The use of external programs, such as l2net, L2Walker, Autoclicker .... in sieges is considered serious misconduct. Only can be used to lvl, farm, etc... and never to give or dupilicate items this is considered definitive BAN.

4. The abuse and use of a bug whatever the seriousness of this, it is considered serious misconduct.

5. Spam is considered serious misconduct.

8. In the event you can not use backpacks pjs. If this occurs it is considered serious misconduct.

9.The castles may only be attacked and conquered by main clans. If it is found that some secondary clan has a castle leads to the loss of both castles.

10. The pass points in Olympic Games is not allowed. This is considered serious misconduct.

11. A single ip can not have more than two heroes. Be reviewed every day 1 of each month and ban you for a month pjs all heroes in the same ip for three or more.



12. It is forbidden to cast castles with secondary clans.



13. If a player bothers you or insults you use the / block player name for your lock.

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